Long term planning shows an overview of the whole years learning and outlines the themes taught in Reception. This sits alongside any learning inspired by the children that may shape our day in a creative and purposeful way.

Topics are introduced with a good quality storybook or age appropriate non – fiction text. Using books in this way teaches children that books and reading form the basis of all learning. 

?As a team we work extremely hard to create an indoor and outdoor learning environment that inspires the children and ignites a curiosity inside the children so that they are compelled to investigate, question and challenge themselves. The children can explore the different areas throughout the day and access a wide range of continuous provision opportunities incorporating sensory, physical, writing, number work and creative role play activities.

We want to provide our children with every opportunity to shine and to fulfil their potential and work on reaching the Early Learning Goals at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our ambitious Early Year’s curriculum aims to teach all children the skills and knowledge in order that they reach the seventeen Early Learning Goals described in the Early Years Foundation Stage 2021.

?We teach through a range of teaching methods including child-initiated learning, whole class teaching, group teaching, investigations and problem solving together and 1:1 teaching.

As many activities as possible are play-based; however, there is also a need for direct teacher-led activities to ensure children gain essential knowledge and skills from their teacher.

? All activities are expertly modelled through quality first teaching, and children are given sufficient time, support and resources to repeat and practise them. 

In addition to long term planning, we have Knowledge mats that highlight key vocabulary for each learning area.

Long term plan – Link

Knowledge mat – Link

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