Artist Collaboration

Over the course of the year the children at ELE have been given the chance to work alongside artists from the local area. This has allowed the children the chance to see art masters in their field create purposful art, whilst teaching the children and staff new art skills.

This year the children  have worked alongside an illustrator, printmaker, photogropher and textile artist. They have loved learning about different art forms and have truly been inspired by each artist.

At ELE we believe that a child who is exposed to the arts acquires a special ability to think creatively, be original, discover and innovate - key attributes for individual success and social prosperity in the twenty-first century. 

Artist we have worked alongside this year are - 

Laura Kate Pontifract - Liverpool, England

Art form shared at school – Printmaking and illustration


I am obsessional about colour and pattern; as a result my work is an exploration of meticulous detail and an explosion of bright colour. My illustrations portray my blatant love for animals, nature and the environment, I enjoy creating work that allows me to escape into the world of my imagination, a place that makes me smile and in turn I hope makes others smile also. My work is a mixture of handcrafted prints and products produced by myself using digital, lino and screen printed methods. At ELE I worked in KS2 to produce lino prints and illustrations. 

Examples of her work - 

laura print.jpg    VILLAGE TOYSTORE ANIMAL PRINT.jpg

Examples of the childrens work - 


Picture2.png     illustration.jpg                    et.png     art club(2).jpg


Henry Iddon – Blackpool, England

Art form shared at school – Photography


Henry Iddon has over 20 years experience as a professional photographer supplying location photography of action, architecture, documentary and modern lifestyles. Always finding the aesthetic in the everyday. Working to a tight creative brief or within uncontrollable 'live' situations and street casting, his aim is to produce images that not only sit within the discourse that is contemporary art and culture but also compliment the very best in commercial print and digital media. At ELE Henry taught the children about the process of photography. They made their own obscura cameras and developed their own pin hole negatives in a pop up dark room. 

Examples of his work - 

cycle(1).png ski.png

Examples of the photography day - 

obscura.jpg  photo.jpg

camera.jpg   henry.jpg

Victoria Hough – St Helens

Art formed shared at school – Textiles


Victoria has 20 years experience as an Art Lecturer in FE and for the past 5 years she has also worked as an artist in residence in primary education. She loves textiles and has a passion for felt making and sewing. She enjoys producing large scale collaborative pieces of art and worked with KS1 and EYFS to make a piece for the school library. The children explored paint, felt making and the final artwork will be textile based. 

Examples of her work - 

sheep.png  Gruffalo.png

Examples of the childrens work - 

lady b.jpg     Evan(1).jpg

quotes.jpg     Noah.jpg



Emma Winder – St Helens 

Art Forms shared at school - Visual and Conceptual art

Emmer Winder is a teacher of digital photography within De La Salle School. She also has 19 years of experience in developing her own personal practice, which covers many disciplines but is centred on conceptual creative art. Her ideas lead approach to creating artwork reinforces the idea that everyone is an artist if they have something to say. How we visualise our ideas can take us on a journey, constructing a deeper understanding of the subject we are commenting on and inviting comment from others.

At ELE Emma introduced the children to the ‘Control Project’. This explored the theory that the growing normalisation of social media is causing a negative effect on many young people. In her session students exploreed portrait photography and mixed media art to experiment and create ‘manipulated’ versions of themselves.

Through group discussion pupils explored the idea of judgement, cyber bullying, celebrity culture and empathy in terms of how we interact with social media and the digital world around us. The children created a powerful conceptual message that explored how visual art can be used to tackle important issues, make a statement, communicate ideas and explore emotions.

Examples of her work - 


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