Pupil Leadership

JRSOs (Junior Road Safety Officers)

Ben, Isaac, Oliver & Willow are our JRSOs. They have been trained by the local authority and deliver regular assemblies to the whole school, informing children on how to stay safe on their journeys to and from school. 

Our JRSOs helped to deliver The Big Walk & Wheel Week! They presented an assembly informing children about the benefits of walking, wheeling, scooting or cycling to school rather than using a car. Not only will it reduce traffic around school but it will also allow children to participate in additional exercise and be beneficial for the environment. 

ALbie.jpg         Walking Bus.jpg

At Eccleston Lane Ends we had the largest uptake in St Helens with an average of almost 70% of children using alternatives to the car to travel to school! We even had Albie using a pogo stick! 

Another intitative instigated by the JRSOs in the ever popular 'Walking Bus'! The 'Walking Bus' leaves from The Grapes car park at 8:00am every Tuesday. It is manned by staff volunteers. 

School Council 

Our school council are a very important part of Eccleston Lane Ends. Two children are elected each year from Year 2-6. As part of their election campaign, children give a short speech explaining why their classmates should vote for them and how they will best represent them. The class then vote and the two successful candidates become part of our school council.This is a wonderful opportunity for pupils to voice their ideas, opinions and to see democracy in action as a component of British Values.

The school council have regular meetings and take back issues to discuss with the rest of their class. They also are involved in important decisions such as the appointment of our new headteacher! 

School Council 23-24.jpgHere is our democratically elected school council for 2023-24. Here they are below hard at work, looking at ways of developing and improving playtimes for all. 

School Council 1.jpg         School Council 2.jpg         School Council 3.jpg  



Team Captains

At Eccleston Lane Ends we have coloured house teams. Each coloured team has two house captains who play a vital part in the running of school; assisting and supporting both staff and pupils.  The role of our house captains falls into four main categories: 

Maintaining our behaviour rules

Helping staff

Supporting younger pupils

Organising events

All of our children are given very important roles and responsibilities across the school. They are role models that our pupils look up to. Their role is to set a good example. Their actions, and the way they conduct themselves, is especially important and has a big impact on life at Eccleston Lane Ends Primary School. 

Most subjects from Art - P.E have pupil Ambassadors who LOVE their subject, help promote it and take the lead in helping others with their knowledge.

They wear their badges with PRIDE.

Reading Ambassadors.jpg

   Reading Ambassadors 2.jpg  Reading Ambassadors 5.jpg  

Reading Ambassadors at the opening of Margaret's Place and sharing books with the children in Reception during Books at Bedtime. 

Reading Ambassadors 3.jpg  Reading Ambassadors 4.jpg

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