Exploring Local Art Galleries

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As part of the Eccleston Lane Ends arts cultural offer children’s artwork across all age ranges were entered into the St Helens Open Art competition this year. We were so proud that 13 children’s artwork was shortlisted and chosen to be displayed in the World of Glass gallery.  Lena Clarke (Y3) won first place in the drawing category and all of the children’s artwork was displayed proudly.

                            Lena art.jpg                                 Lena.jpg


In KS2 Y4 had a fantastic trip to the Walker Art Gallery and the Tate. The children had opportunities to talk about art and express their opinions freely. They also had time to sketch art that interested or inspired them. Like mini artists they loved the creativity of this trip whilst having the opportunity to talk about the Pre-Raphaelite work in the Walker Gallery in contrast to the modern art in the Tate. It certainly was a fantastic art experience that the children loved!


                                                                               "I loved the Tate! It was so bright and colourful" 


                                                 "This was the best trip ever. I loved the freedom of drawing the art that inspired me"

                                                                           "Modern art is so different, but I loved it" 



                                                                "I carry my sketch book everywhere now. Its like my own gallery"



The children in Y5 popped into the National Gallery in London. They explored the gallery in ore and particularly loved viewing Van Gogh’s famous Sunflower painting.

National Gallery.jpg     Sunflowers-L1162_full_200x262.jpg

sunflower 1.png

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If your child would like to view a Gallery online, click on the link below and have fun exploring the beauty of art at Tate galleries across Britain! 

Tate image.png https://www.tate.org.uk/visit/art-on-display


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