Dylexia Support

Dyslexia Support 

Alphabet Work 

You will need a set of letters of the alphabet, these could be magnetic, wooden or just drawn on pieces of paper. Start with lower case.



1) Set out the position of a m and z. Ask your child to put the rest of the letters into the arc in alphabetical order. They should be able to do this quicker as each day passes.

2) Play letter snatcher. Child closes their eyes and you remove 1 or 2 letters. Child identifies the missing letters and puts them back in the arc

 3) Ask the children to spell their name using the letters from the arc. Spell simple words using the letters.

4) Talk about how many letters are in the alphabet and how many vowels.

5) Close eyes and ask them which letter comes before / after a specific letter.

6) Child points to each letter and says the letter name and then the sound.

7) Mix up some letters of the alphabet that spell a word. Child has to put them in the correct order.

Spelling Activities

Please see below for some ideas on helping your child with spelling. 

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