Art Staff CPD

The staff at ELE have loved learning new art skills this year as part of our continued professional development. We have worked alongside local artists

Evonne Bixter

Sculpting with Clay

This session introduce staff to basic techniques when sculpting with clay including:

  • Creating texture and pattern
  • Building a basic thumb pot
  • Coil pots
  • Refining sculpture
  •     clay 1.jpg

Laura Kate Pontifract

Colour Theory and Techniques

This session covered the basics of colour mixing, blending and application techniques using paint, pencils and pastels.



Claire Weetman

Drawing: A whistle-stop tour of basic drawing skills and interesting ways to teach them.

20220505_181621.jpg       20220505_161924.jpg      20220505_163645.jpg









Dave Bixter

Mark-making, Play and the Unexpected!

This session developing an individual visual language through experimental drawing and a chance to investigate and play with unconventional drawing activities and experimental interactive instruments.

20220428_162545.jpg   20220428_163804.jpg  20220428_163845.jpg

Photography to Inspire

Henry Iddon

This CPD session gave examples and suggestions of how the still photographic image can be used in

a multitude of ways in education to engage and give a voice to all who use it.

Sessions have inspired the staff and skills learnt have been transferred into daily classroom practice.

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