Understanding the World

Understanding the world

In the EYFS 'Understanding the World' involves guiding children to make sense of their physical world and their community. We have enjoyed learning about the world around us this year!













How to support learning at home?

? By the time your child is four or five he will have developed interests and fascinations which you could support
to encourage his learning across all areas of learning and development.
? Listen carefully to what your child has to say when they discovers something of interest; try challenging them to
explain their ideas to you as this will help them to develop their thinking skills.
? When you choose presents for your child, think about buying things which will develop his or her science skills
– choose toys and games which show mechanisms and how things work, how living things and objects move
and the effects of magnetism, light, electricity and sound.
? Try making a wildlife area in your garden or patio area to provide food, shelter, and a breeding ground for
birds, snails, spiders, insects, and small invertebrates. Your child can then discover how a variety of things
live and behave.
? After it has rained, investigate puddles near your home – look for reflections and watch how the puddles shrink
as the water evaporates. You could also have fun splashing in the puddles!
? Help your child to plant a variety of seeds – flowers and vegetables – in your garden, hanging basket or
window box. You can make growing beds using an old tyre, bucket, watering can, or wheelbarrow.

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