British Values

British Values at Eccleston Lane Ends 

“We want every school to promote the basic British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs.” DfE

At Eccleston Lane Ends, we have a strong school ethos (our ELE Whole School Values) that actively encourages and promotes British Values. Our curriculum provides a wide range of opportunities for our children to engage with and experience British Values. The British Values are also a key part of our 'Bricks' Curriculum which provides the foundations for our whole school curriculum offer. 

A key part of our plan is to ensure our children become valuable and fully rounded members of society who treat others with respect, in preparation for life in modern Britain.

The British Values are: 

  • Democracy

Britain is a democracy - this means that the people in Britain vote for the people who make the laws and decide how the country is run. The democratic process is at the core of everything that happens in a classroom with teachers asking questions and children being encouraged to share their views and opinions. Children are involved in the process of choosing which books they read and which films they watch. Their opinions are sought to decide which charities are supported or which wet play toys and equipment are purchased. Children are asked their opinions on marking and feedback and upon the types of reward and sanction that are most effective. The election of School Council and Team Captains is used to model the voting process and these bodies are then involved in some of the decision making within school while all children are given questionnaires regarding bullying and their views on school.

  • Rule of Law

In Britain we have a police force and court system who make sure people do not do the wrong thing and break the law. They have the power to punish those who do so, keeping us safe. The importance of laws, be they governing the class, school or country, is consistently reinforced through the school’s daily practice. We encourage children to follow rules because they understand them rather than because they just exist. The reasoning behind rules is explained as is the responsibility that goes with them. Children are involved in making their own class contracts or rules and their responsibility to follow them is reinforced. Our underlying message is that the rules that we have (Ready, Safe, Respectful) help to keep us safe and ensure a happy school. If they are broken, there are consequences for the safety and happiness of the school community. Visits from such authorities as the Police, Fire Service and Road Safety help to reinforce this message. 

  • Individual Liberty 

We are free to live as we choose and to have our own opinions as long as this does not take away someone else's freedoms or break rules or laws. Within the safe environment of school, children are encouraged to make informed individual choices. They are empowered to make safe decisions, to exercise their rights and freedoms through the way they use computers and digital technology in a safe and responsible way. Similarly, ELE Essence (PSHE& RSE) lessons educate the children in issues of healthy choices and in how to deal with issues such as friendship arguments or school related anxieties. Pupils are given opportunities to exercise their freedom of choice in the extracurricular clubs that are offered, the different ways they may present work and the way they approach home learning topics.

  • Mutual respect 

Respect is at the core of Eccleston Lane Ends and is one of our whole school values. Children learn that their behaviour has an effect upon their own rights and of those around them. All members of the school community treat each other with respect and manners and politeness are promoted and rewarded. Consequences of what happens when respect is not shown are shared and explained and anti bullying strategies are explained and promoted. Children learn the importance of everyone’s role in the bigger picture of the school and society and are encouraged to do their part in working for the general good.

  • Tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs

Eccleston Lane Ends is a voluntary aided school which has links with the parish of St James' & St Matthews but we place emphasis upon celebrating the diversity of the world around us. Children learn about different civilisations and their belief systems as well as learning about other faiths in RE. They learn that there are far more similarities between faiths than there are differences and that each of us has the right to follow our own faith free from the fear of persecution.

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