Expressive Art and Design


Expressive Art and Design 

The development of children’s artistic and cultural awareness supports their imagination and creativity. It is important that children have regular opportunities to engage with the arts, enabling them to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials. The quality and variety of what children see, hear and participate in is crucial for developing their understanding, self-expression, vocabulary and ability to communicate through the arts. 

At ELE the children experiment with media and materials finding out about their properties and modifying and manipulating them. This includes exploring sounds, patterns, movement and different tools and techniques. Children are encouraged to be creative and imaginative through role play, music, pretend play, block play or small world play.

We believe that children should be encouraged to be creative, we encourage attitudes of curiosity and questioning as well as teaching skills and techniques. We recognise that children notice everything and closely observe the most ordinary things that adults often take for granted. Building on children’s interests can lead to them creating amazing inventions or making marks on paper that represent for them an experience or something they have seen. Encouraging children to choose and use materials and resources in an open-ended way helps them to make choices and to have confidence in their own ideas. At ELE every child is an artist, inventor, chef, musician, sculpture or builder. Their potential is endless and we see children thrive through their expressive ideas.



singing festival.png

        This year the children are excited to take part in St Helens Singing Festival! Videos of the event are to be uploaded soon............



                                       The children also loved performing a poem alongside Andy Tooze. It was great fun! Andy.PNG



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