Careers Related Learning

Headteacher Pic(1).jpg Miss S Bond (Careers Related Learning Leader) & Mr M Stanway (Careers Related Learning Governor)

At Eccleston Lane Ends we believe that starting career education early is important. As longitudinal studies have shown, holding biased assumptions and having narrow aspirations can influence the academic effort children exert in certain lessons, the subjects they choose to study, and the jobs they end up pursuing. Research has also shown that the jobs children aspire to may be ones that their parents do, or those of their parents’ friends, or that they see on the TV and/or social media. Low expectations are often shaped by biases or commonly accepted stereotypes, such as ‘science isn’t for girls’ or ‘university isn’t for the working classes’. These societal expectations act to restrict children’s futures by limiting what they believe they can do.

Our ELE Essence (PSHE, RSE & Citizenship) programme contains a careers strand in which children progressively develop their careers related knowledge and skills as they move through school. We aim to provide experience and a clear understanding of the working world, promote a culture of high aspirations and equality of opportunity. 


Please see our ELE Essence curriculum page (Money & Work strand) for detail of our Careers Related Learning Curriculum. 


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