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Though lots of children talk about what they would like to be when they grow up, they actually don’t have to decide this until they are adults. The most important preparation anyone can do for their future is to know what their talents are and what they enjoy doing.

At Eccleston Lane Ends we believe that children can be whatever they want to be with hard work and determination. We actively challenge stereotypes in the world of work so that our children learn that jobs are open to all.  We believe that careers education at primary school is important as it broadens children's horizons. Research shows that the more emplyers children meet in school they can earn 22% more in their future career and are 86% more likely to be unemployed or not in further education or training. 

Technology is evolving quickly and schools need to prepare children for jobs that do not yet exist therefore our curriculum is built around the skills needed for school life and beyond. If children learn about a broad range of jobs from a young age they are more likely to find a career that matches their strengths and talents. 

We are currently working towards the primary school Careers Quality mark which will recognise our commitment to a high quality careers education for all children. 

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