Aims, Mission Statement & Values



Mission Statement & Aims


Our aims are that:-


  • Each member of our community will develop the confidence to reach his/her full potential in a secure, happy, challenging and rewarding environment so that each is equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding in order to fulfil his/her hopes and aspirations for the future.


  • All members will show respect for their community and ALL others within it


We will achieve these aims by:-


  • promoting positive attitudes such as courtesy, honesty, responsibility, kindness and respect for others; encouraging people to set a good example and be good role models everything they do.


  • celebrating our successes


  • providing a stimulating learning environment and supporting each other in all we do


  • constantly striving for high standards


  • providing an environment in which everyone feels secure and is encouraged to be confident


  • promoting teamwork and ensuring that all are given opportunities to contribute and that all contributions are valued; continually looking for ways in which to raise self-esteem


  • promoting key skills such as communication, problem-solving, self-evaluation and the use of ICT


  • ensuring that an effective partnership exists between home, school and the wider community


  • dealing with environmental issues that may have an increasing impact on our lives in the future and accepting our share of the responsibility for protecting our planet for future generation



Following a wide consultation with parents, staff and governors, we produced our values for living, these have since been refined into 6 core values, one of which is focused on every half term. They form the heart of our core curriculum and are promoted and exemplified constantly.

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