Parental Feedback 2021-22

At regular intervals throughout the year we survey parental opinion so that we can ensure we are constantly delivering the very best education to the children in our care. 

1. My child recieves a good education at Eccleston Lane Ends.  100% of parents agree or strongly agree - 89% strongly agree
2. Staff care about the welfare and wellbeing of the children as well as their academic education.  100% agree or strongly agree - 89% strongly agree
3. The school is well led and managed.  100% agree or strongly agree - 89% strongly agree
4.  The school provides a rich curriculum with enhancements such as trips and visitors to school.  96% agree or strongly agree
5. The PTA, Governors and other groups add to the sense of community.  88% agree or strongly agree - 12% don't know or N/A
6. The school runs smoothly on a daily basis.  100% agree or strongly agree - 85% strongly agree
7. There is a good before and after school childcare service.  81% agree or strongly agree - 19% don't know or not applicable
8. If a have a concern about my child, I feel I can approach the school and matters are dealt with my satisfaction.  100% agree or strongly agree - 87% strongly agree
9. The school communicates well with parents through letter, newletters, emails and text messages.  100% agree or strongly agree 
10. I am informed about how well my child is doing through parents' meetings and an annual report.  100% agree or strongly agree - 90% strongly agree 

Would I recommend this school to another parent? 100% say yes! 

You said, "there are not many trips at the moment." We said, "much of this has been due to the impact of Covid-19. However, we will be launching a Extra Curricular Entitlement for Sept 2022 where parents can see all of the trips and visitors that are coming up for their year group and we can ensure that we have a good variety across the school. 

Additional parental comments:

"I love the school - we are so glad to have got a place - thank you all."

"This is an outstanding school, the teachers are great!"

"This is an amazing school. The staff give 100% to my daughter and I'm really grateful for everything. Thank you."

"We are so happy with the school as a whole and you have impressed us so much with your values and family outlook."

"The pastoral support has been fantastic! I can't thank you enough!"



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